Janitors play a crucial role in managing facilities. Mainly known for cleaning services conventionally, Janitors are also responsible for housekeeping services, concierge services, & Façade cleaning. They even take care of waste disposal & management which is highly important. Janitors not only ensure cleanliness of the whole property but also take care of miscellaneous repairs required by the property.

Therefore, Janitors play a vital role in managing facilities. There are a set of essential tools that help Janitors in performing their tasks effectively & efficiently, these are mentioned as follows:


  • Cleaning Equipment

One of the major tasks done by janitors is cleaning. Workspace cleaning includes various types like regular cleaning & deep cleaning. Spaces like workstation, cafeteria, pantry, common spaces, parking areas, restrooms involve different type of tools & cleaning products at different places, however, one of the most required cleaning tools are Broom, Dustpan, mop, bucket, wringer & vacuum. Selecting the right cleaning tool also depends on the kind of workspace. For example: a carpeted floor may have different cleaning requirements in comparison to wooden floors.   

  • Cleaning Supplies

It goes without saying cleaning supplies are vital for janitors as cleaning tools without cleaning supplies cannot help in cleaning efficiently. Hence, cleaning supplies are highly important for Janitors. It is generally advised to use green chemicals for cleaning like Diversey.   

  • Micro Fibre Cloth, Sprays & Dispensers

Apart than floor cleaning. Dusting & wiping is important for optimum cleaning. Spaces like workstations, tables, and assets may require wiping to remove the dust sitting on the surfaces. Microfiber cloth, sprays & dispensers can help in such cleaning. 

  • Janitors Cart

Often referred to as Janitor’s rolling office, Janitor carts carry all the tools that any janitor can need while working. The cart can help in enhanced efficiency as the cart having all Janitor tools together can save a lot of time & efforts. Hence, it is highly important for Janitors to have a janitor cart.  

  • Protective Gear

Not only cleanliness but it’s also important for Janitors to have essential tools that keep them safe. For example: Façade cleaning is a risky task, though it’s done by professionals but precautions like helmet, harness & more are a must. With various cleaning activities it is important to cover nose & eyes, so dusts & harmful chemicals do not trouble them & keep them safe.  

  • Maintenance Tools & Safety Signs

It is often possible for employees to be not mindful of everything happening around, therefore, it is important for Janitors to place safety signs like “Wet floor ahead” or “Construction ahead” so, people become careful & do not get injured accidentally. 

  • Trash Grabber & Picker

As mentioned, Janitors play an important role in waste management starting from picking to segregating & finally disposing. They also ensure to segregate which dust needs to be recycled or what all to be incenerated. Therefore, they need to be provided trash grabber & picker.