The employees spend an average of eight hours a day in their workplaces. This amounts to one-third of their five days in a week. Hence, it becomes undeniably important to create a safe, secure, and healthy environment for the workforce. Several studies have been conducted over the years to examine and understand the impact of a clean workspace on employees.

A strong connection has been found between enhanced productivity and cleanliness. A recent study by Staples Corporation concluded that 94 per cent of employees admitted that they felt more productive in a clean workspace. Simultaneously, 77 per cent of employees mentioned that they could produce higher quality work in a cleaner environment.

Hence, there has been a steep rise in the use of office deep cleaning services.


The Top Four Benefits of a Clean Workplace


1. Productivity and Performance

A recent study by the International Sanitary Supply Association (ISSA) stated that 88% of 1481 respondents reported that their concentration and productivity are compromised by untidy workspace. It is also medically proven that cleaner environments promote willingness to work and improve concentration.

De-cluttered workstations of the employees reduce the chances of distraction, which in turn aids to maintain the efficiency of the workforce. Additionally, the employees feel comfortable in their space which positively elevates their performance.


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2. Employee Well-being

There are two factors involved with cleanliness in the workspace. Cleaner offices are beneficial to both the physical and mental health of their inhabitants. Tidy working environments significantly minimise workplace injuries, hampering projects schedules which eventually diminishes the morale of the company. It is also witnessed that there is a steady decrease in workforce satisfaction if cleanliness is not maintained.

Furthermore, messy spaces also impact the mental health of the employees and lower their concentration span while heightening frustrations and inter-organisational conflicts. Therefore, organisations should opt for office space disinfection services to safeguard their employees.


3. Elevate your Brand

The first impression of your company’s office is a direct reflection of how your organisation operate. Neat and clean offices leave everlasting impressions on the stakeholders. Cleanliness will help attract resourceful clients, potential employees and keep the current workforce happier. This reflects that keeping your workplace clean offers tangible benefits to your organisation.


4. Cost-Effective

It is undeniably true that unhygienic workplaces are breeding grounds for several diseases that impact the workers in both the short and long terms. “Almost a quarter of the companies lose approximately 14 per cent of their annual working days (more than 51 days in a year) due to sickness, and one can expect an equal percentage of loss in their productivity and profits which is a cause for concern,” says the study on ‘impact of preventive health care on Indian industry and economy.

Ergo, availing office space cleaning services will inevitably imply less absenteeism because there will be fewer sick leave requests. So, cleaner work environments will not only save costs by enhancing productivity but also prevent losses due to sickness of employees.

It can thus be deduced that cleanliness workspace is essential for a variety of reasons that cannot be shelved. The productivity and well-being of the organisation are directly impacted by the working environment of the employees.