The manpower industry, which remained unorganized in India for a very long time, has started to become organized. Technology, which has brought a transformation in nearly all industries has also transformed the Manpower industry & for the industries’ good only. For a very long time, the manpower industry struggled with the disorganization in terms of keeping a track record of the workforce.

Workers leaving abruptly & having no work or lower wages, however, with Tech. The industry has been able to address many of its concerns in the past few years. Manpower services in present times are seeing huge demand & are undergoing a sea of change.

Here are a Few Trends That are Seen in the Manpower Industry Presently & are Bringing Path Breaking Changes:


1. Gig Economy & Freelancing

The gig economy has been rising for several years and is expected to witness booming growth in 2023. The gig economy is a labor market inclusive of short-term & freelance projects enabling the workforce to have a wide variety of options to choose opportunities as per their convenience. Manpower services are already seeing an increased demand for gig workers and freelancers who offer specialized skills and flexibility to businesses.


2. Upskilling & Reskilling

As technology advances, the demand for specific skills also evolves. Manpower services may focus on upskilling and reskilling programs to meet the changing needs of employers. This could involve providing training programs to job seekers, sharing Audio Visual content for employee’s better understanding & ease and helping them transition into new roles or industries.


3. Diversity & Inclusion 

Diversity and inclusion have become important considerations for businesses. Manpower services may play a role in helping companies build diverse workforces by sourcing candidates from various backgrounds and ensuring equitable hiring practices.


4. Data Analytics & AI In Recruitment

Data analytics and artificial intelligence (AI) are increasingly used in recruitment processes. Manpower services may adopt AI-powered tools for candidate sourcing, screening, and matching, allowing for more efficient and accurate hiring processes.


5. Employee Well-being & Mental Health Support

The focus on employee well-being and mental health has grown significantly in recent years. Manpower services may offer support services and resources to promote the well-being of temporary workers and contractors.


Organizations have begun acknowledging the significance of mental well-being for blue-collar workers, as it contributes to a supportive work environment and enables their success. TalbotFORCE has designed its grievance redressal management platform – MITRA, to help its employees achieve mental bliss by resolving their grievances.

This also shows that organizations understand the importance of blue-collar workers in running any workplace seamlessly, leading further to the rise of the manpower industry in upcoming times.