Security Guard Services

Our support services complement the operational and strategic aspects of your organization. We offer personalised
solutions that are exclusively designed for your organizational needs.

Security Guard Company

Our extensive range of security solutions have been specifically designed to cater to your organisational needs. Our service portfolio ranges from threat assessment, executive protection, event security and security planning. Our services have been carefully designed keeping in mind your security requirements.


Executive Protection

We provide a wide range of executive protection services like armed and unarmed personnel, vehicle protection and bug sweeping, domestic and overseas protection among others. Our team ensures all the risk mitigation measures are strictly adhered to and ensures that all the protective measures are followed.


Threat Assessment and Security

We have a dedicated team with several years of experience that helps your company in overall contingency planning. We can efficiently identify and evaluate perpetrators through repeated security reviews. Our diverse solutions across the security spectrum can efficiently safeguard your business and residential premises.

Event Security 2

Event Security

Our committed team can efficiently make contingency plans for major public events and meetings. Our team has prior experience of advanced risk assessment and executing contingency plans to provide your company the protection it needs.

Event Security 2
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