Creating a successful company is like a game of cricket, a team of your best batsmen, bowlers, and fieldsmen after grilling sessions of training, development & the right coach form your foundation. Seizing opportunities, taking risks where required and battling the injuries like a warrior gives you the foresight necessary to keep going forward & ultimately drives you to success & glory. TalbotFORCE has been fortunate enough to experience a similar trajectory of growth during its lifecycle. With a combination of well-orchestrated entrepreneurial moves, a neat tech breakthrough, innovation catering to the dynamic environment, and an orderly progression through successful launch & ventures, we have leaped to the very front. When the world was hit by COVID-19 and all anybody could foresee were unprecedented down times, TalbotFORCE saw this as an opportunity to tackle the challenges head on. We ventured into a Disinfection & Sanitization vertical that was aimed at providing unwavering commitment & dedication into delivering safety for our clients through our products and services which we carried out with expert teams and using only FDA and EPA approved equipment & gear. The Growth Aspect During this COVID-19 period, we knew that the need of the hour for us was the emergence of the butterfly rather than the demise of the caterpillar, this is when we decided to scale new heights Starting from 700 employees, we scaled to a record 2700+ employees from all walks of life within the last 8 months and ramped up our area coverage from 4 Mn sq. ft to a striking 10 Mn+ sq. ft. Pan India. Our Clients are our Trophies The diversity of our clients coming from educational, healthcare, warehousing, industrial, governmental backgrounds, to name a few, is what has defined our story of success. Today, we manage the largest education brands in India, deploying 300+ manpower dedicated to providing a world-class experience using international gadgets. Our foray into healthcare started at a high as we became the official FM partners for AIG Hospital, one of the largest hospitals in Asia where we deployed 250+ workforce. Another tough wave we sailed & conquered was the manufacturing Tyre plant of MRL where spaces covered in compound and carbon came as tough challenges, but after best management practices and the hard work of our deployed men, we were able to efficiently manage and maintain it and become their trusted partners. HDFC Bank was another feather in our cap, where we managed complete disinfection & pest control program across 500+ branches Pan South India. Apart from these, we attended to ad Hoc requests for COVID detected patients within their facilities and came through during urgent times. Digitizing our operations all around became another important characteristic of how we charted success. Using the Exonerator App, as soon as any branch was serviced, the complete details were received by the SPOC real time for smooth operations and timely reporting. This facilitated us covering a remarkable number of 50 Mn sq. ft. Of area via disinfection services Technology Disruptors With technology taking over the world and redefining workplaces, TalbotFORCE has reshaped how we manage our clients and their functioning with technological interventions at every step. – Digital Checklists: An intuitive task management system that provides visibility & permits real-time insights. – Feedback System: Tabs installed in facilities to take real-time feedback of services – Video Based Compliance & Analytics: With a vision to integrate technology, hassle-free and faster operations for each of our processes we aim to guarantee our clients a seamless experience. Supporting our PM’s Mission of Employment and Swachh Bharat Through our endeavors of employing 2700+ employees internally and thousands more through our Franchise networks, we have proudly been guided by an ethos that promotes the wellbeing of ‘People’ by enriching employee lives coupled with a “Country first” attitude that was brought under the spotlight when we stepped up during tough COVID times and delivered consistent services to COVID Patients, suffering businesses and individuals who reached out to us. Our housekeeping and cleaning efforts have been a strong support system to our country’s mission of Swachh Bharat. Manufacturing facilities, residential societies, workspaces etc. have undergone transformational changes with respect to hygiene due to our dedicated commitment to making their spaces better places to live. Our Franchisees – Our extended network When we believed we were ready to take on another level of expansion, we decided to develop our Franchise network Chandigarh extended the first hands that we joined, followed by Hyderabad, Bangalore & Delhi. We were then unstoppable as we continued our expansion rampage, covering Guwahati, Bhopal, Ahmedabad & Kolkata. It was sheer honesty to our work, masterful inventions, and moving with the dynamic environment that we today stand at a proud network of 10+ Franchisees, onboarded within 6 months. These set off a chain of events that culminated to commercial opportunities which enabled us to climb new peaks. Tenacity, conscientious efforts, pivoting when required, developing as needed and transforming all throughout has shaped the success model of TalbotFORCE and we seek to continue to tread on this path and alter the lives of clients, customers, employees and all stakeholders in the most positive & fruitful way.