Technology in business is a growing necessity. As companies become technologically advanced, innovation is nurturing businesses, and businesses need technology to be sustained. Digital transformation has touched every business and revolutionised it positively, making it more efficient and productive. This digital disruption dominated the Facilities Management sector too.

5 Technologies That Have Revolutionised Facility Management Are

1. Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology

BIM creates and manages digital models of physical buildings. It enables organisations to visualise specific components of a space, including structural elements like walls and windows and exact asset locations. BIM helps make data-driven decisions about space utilisation and redesign real estate portfolios according to the requirement.

2. Space Management Software

The evolving business requirements have emphasised maximising space utilisation and optimisation. As a result, businesses are investing in space management software to reduce costs and ensure employee safety. Techniques like hot-desking and desk booking have proven to provide better space utilisation while maintaining employee safety.

3. Asset Management Software

Managing assets is a highly crucial corporate function. Asset Management Software assists corporates in making constructive use of assets and reducing overall space, allowing the business to save maintenance costs and increase operational efficiency. It integrates all primary elements of the company to maximise efficiency and effectiveness.

4. Cloud-Based Data Solutions

Keeping track of assets, facilities, people, and internal and external resources is essential for corporations. Cloud-based Data Solutions allow corporates to manage facilities from any remote location. Cloud-based Data management tools help streamline and manage data collection and storage processes. It mitigates the risk of data loss and offers customised data access levels to authorised members.

5. Internet of Things (IOT)

IoT-based solutions are one of the most valuable and advanced facility management technology trends. It helps businesses to efficiently use resources and increase productivity as it is energy-friendly and provides accurate data about the facilities. It substantially reduces business expenses by minimising manual work. Sensor technology is a practical application of IoT. It can be used to gather information on essential aspects like lower energy costs, optimise workplace capacity and utilisation, respond to service requests more quickly, save space usage, and Improve employee quality of life.

Innovative Ideas for Facility Management

Integrating technology innovation in Facility Management helps businesses improve operations efficiency and smoother decision-making, reduce cost, increase profitability, critically analyse facilities, and take effective decisions. It can also enable quicker communication and workflow processes for the effective running of operations and efficient service deliverables.

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