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We are one of India's leading facility management companies with a strong presence in 37+ cities managing over 30 million square feet for over 100 clients. Focused on creating a thriving ecosystem, we align our in-depth domain expertise and cutting-edge technologies with our client's core business objectives to drive operational performance and fuel cost reductions.

We offer digitized managed services for Building Upkeep & Management, Sanitization, Property Technology, Security, and Homecare. Our facility management services include manpower onboarding, deployment, quality assurance, and management. Our skilled workforce helps businesses achieve operational efficiency, while our modern service portfolio provides protection, security, and surveillance.

Michael Brian
Saniga Founder
Leading Transformation
Establishing Excellence
Delivering Simplified Operations, Asset-optimisation & Waste Minimisation at Value-cost
Get your property managed by TalbotFORCE to maximize your return and get the most out of your business resources.
As a leading facility management provider, we provides employers with a qualified workforce that facilitates the management of its services.   
Cleaning & Disinfection services that provide you a squeaky clean & hygienic space to make you breathe easily, think creatively & work productively.
With an unwavering focus, we strive to offer facilities efficiently, effectively & consistently to optimize productivity & deliver success.  
Our Professional Housekeeping services assure to provide the best maintenance, cleaning, dusting services. We use best market standard chemicals.
Our team members are highly qualified to provide the overall mechanical, electrical and plumbing assistance that your organisation needs. 
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Forging synergetic solutions for our clients, employees, and shareholders is at the core of our vision.

We are committed to providing exceptional services, compelling results, & delightful client experiences while ensuring our workforce maximizes their potential & live fulfilling lives.

Integrated services
Be it Facility Management or the upkeep of your whole property & assets, our team of professionals can take care & fulfil all requirements to boost your holistic experience. 
Flexible Solutions
Talbot aspires to provide customised, cost-effective & flexible facility management solutions to accommodate the unique property requirements of every client. 
Environment Friendly Practices
As part of our commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals, we provide a rationalized approach to managing your sustainability commitments. 
Driven by Technology, managed by Experience
We strive to bring services bundled with futuristic technology-enabled experience to make your workspace & workforce management smooth. 
Customer Satisfaction
Redefining Facility Management for Diverse Industries

Making an impact to client’s success with Integrated Facility Management Solutions

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