Why Disinfection Services are Important for House & Office?

We are living through a health crisis that most of us have never seen before. Covid-19 has almost paralyzed the world and has impacted the health of people throughout. It has disrupted the way we work, but now, as the cases of COVID-19 have flattened and thousands of people are gearing up for the new normal. It is of utmost priority to maintain a healthy and secure work environment for everyone’s safety as COVID-19 is still out there.

Workspace cleaning and home sanitizing services are crucial to ensure the safety and well-being of everyone around. Disinfection services have become more crucial than ever before. They help destroy viruses, fungi, and other harmful bacteria. You can clean every day, but you should always sanitize and disinfect to keep your home or workplace safe and hygienic.


Disinfection Services to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Environment

Home disinfection services are important to reduce the potential for COVID-19 virus contamination in healthcare and non-healthcare settings. Such as homes, offices, schools, gyms, publicly accessible buildings, faith-based community centres, markets, transportation, and business settings or restaurants. High-touch surfaces in these non-healthcare settings should be identified for priority disinfection such as door and window handles, kitchen and food preparation areas, countertops, bathroom surfaces, toilet taps and workstations.

When the world was hit by COVID-19, all that everyone could foresee were unprecedented downtimes. TalbotFORCE saw this as an opportunity to tackle the challenges head-on and help the community survive this pandemic. We ventured into a Disinfection and sanitization vertical to provide unwavering commitment & dedication to delivering safety for our clients through our products and services which are carried out with expert teams and using only FDA and EPA-approved equipment & gear.

We have a vast range of service offerings for protection against COVID-19, as per the government advisories on workplace best practices. Our experienced team of professionals leverages the latest techniques and state-of-the-art technology to create effective measures. We ventured into Sanitization and disinfection, ensuring complete protection for all our customers & stakeholders.

TalbotFORCE launched various services & products under these categories to ensure a safety-first environment. Starting from B2C, we extended our services to B2B as businesses started re-opening. Our services have been designed to ensure your buildings and premises are safe and resilient.


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We should keep in mind that regular cleaning and sanitizing routines are important all the time. The cleaner and more sanitized we are in the way we live. The better prepared we will be to avoid creating environments that make it easy for viruses to thrive. Protect yourself and others from infection by disinfecting and sanitizing your surroundings on a regular basis. Don’t let Corona beat you in this fight.

Stay safe & protected!

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