Top 8 Duties and Responsibilities of a Security Guard

Security guards or Security officers are grey-collar personnel whose duties are patrolling, monitoring surveillance, conducting building inspections, guarding entry and exit points, verifying the visitors, and so on. They are also referred to as those employees who work beyond the actual limit or age of retirement.

A security guard is often seen at Hospitals, Offices, ATMs, Residential Colonies, and other places as well. Just like white-collar employees, security officials also come with several skill sets that they have to apply while being present on the site. 


Several Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Security Guard:


1. Inspect and Patrol the Premises Frequently

One of the most prominent roles and responsibilities of security officials is to inspect the site and patrol. The bounded area continuously. This positively minimizes the chances of any mis happening at the commercial or residential premises. 


2. Training of the Subordinates

Another major job aspect of security professionals is to train their subordinates that are new to the security culture. This includes formal and informal induction regarding the property and its maintenance. This training can be real-time for the subordinates which include inspecting and patrolling the property, monitoring the entry and exit of visitors, and so on.


3. Monitor Entry and Exits of the Visitors

Being a security guard is not easy at all. You have to proceed with a certain predefined procedure without considering the income level or status of the person that is entering the building. Checking the identity, maintaining the entry register, notifying the purpose of the meeting, and mentioning the name of the person to whom the visitor has to meet are some of the main entrance procedures that a guard has to follow at the commercial or residential property.  


4. Report any Suspicious Activity

Reporting any suspicious activity within the premises is also one of the vital responsibilities of security guard services. To prevent any mishappening at the site, a security guard should be proactive and attentive during working hours. If the security personnel are not attentive, it might create a question on the safety of people and employment of the safety and security department.


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5. Being a Helping Hand

One thing that might not directly come as a responsibility of the security guards is to become a helping hand to the people. This duty often comes through moral values and the nature of their occupation. Assisting people with navigation and directions, parking, loading or unloading of stuff, and many other things are developed with time among the security guards.


6. Respond to Alarms and Respond on Time

It is the most important duty of any security guard that he/she can never ignore with. Security guards are given special training or induction at the time of joining to face any calamity or disaster wisely. Responding timely to the alarms and acting wisely can minimize the risk of human casualties.  


7. Monitor Surveillance Camera

It is true that the security personnel are provided with such resources that can help them to prevent any misfortune to the commercial or residential site. Monitoring surveillance cameras is again an imperative responsibility for all the security guards in order to act proactively and intercept any activity that can create a hustle among the people that are living within the premises. 


8. Submit EOD Reports

Submitting the end-of-day reports to the reporting officer is also a vital responsibility of the security guards. Mentioning the entry, exits, visitors, and incidents (if any) in the report are the key elements that one should never leave. Therefore, these are some of the major roles and responsibilities of security guards. A skilled security official can make a great contribution to society. Because there are certain things that can’t take place without the assistance of these grey-collar professionals.

Several Duties and Responsibilities of a Professional Security Guard

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